Still No Reply From Actor’s Equity

For a number of years now I have been trying to get our Union (The Media Arts Alliance – or Actor’s Equity as it used to be known as) to bring attention to a grave incompetence in the Casting options for actors in Australian TV and Feature Films. All I wish to do is discuss this situation with the Performer’s Committee. There should never be a problem with discussing issues of importance within the Union that’s primary obligation is to support and protect our working rights, safety and security.

I’m prepared to put my 40 year career on the line for the good of the Industry and my fellow performers, but can not be heard. I feel betrayed by those who are supposed to have my ( and my fellow talents ) best interests at heart. Meanwhile Australian Audiences are denied variety. Australian and Overseas Productions are denied the best possible talent options to tell their stories. A List Casting is a myth protected by the lazy and inefficient. The Star System from the States that has been adopted by Australia is a lie. There are so many examples, but I’ll make only one. Geoffrey Rush in “Shine” No Casting Consultant wanted him. Thank goodness integrity won out that day and we can enjoy Mr Rush’s work today.

All I want to do is to be able to voice my concerns for myself and more importantly my fellow performers. What’s the Problem Equity?

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