Socceroo’s Story to be told by The Socceroos themselves.

With the encouragement from the great Rale Rasic (1974 Socceroos World Cup Coach) I have started filming a Documentary about the people and events of Australia’s first World Cup Experience. It’s a rich and full story told by those who made it happen. So far I have Adrian ‘Noddy’ Alston recorded by the camera telling intimate and personal feelings about the Games, the Feelings and his Socceroo Mates as they made history all those years ago. The decisions he made. The events that followed and the disappointment in the treatment dished out to our pioneer Football Internationals. Noddy is truly a wonderful guy as you’ll see for yourself when this doco is completed.

This project is still in production.

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One Comment on “Socceroo’s Story to be told by The Socceroos themselves.”

  1. rajko Says:

    My main man, I cant wait for this doco, Good luck rajko

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