Socceroo’s Story to be told by The Socceroos themselves.

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With the encouragement from the great Rale Rasic (1974 Socceroos World Cup Coach) I have started filming a Documentary about the people and events of Australia’s first World Cup Experience. It’s a rich and full story told by those who made it happen. So far I have Adrian ‘Noddy’ Alston recorded by the camera telling intimate and personal feelings about the Games, the Feelings and his Socceroo Mates as they made history all those years ago. The decisions he made. The events that followed and the disappointment in the treatment dished out to our pioneer Football Internationals. Noddy is truly a wonderful guy as you’ll see for yourself when this doco is completed.

This project is still in production.


Still No Reply From Actor’s Equity

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For a number of years now I have been trying to get our Union (The Media Arts Alliance – or Actor’s Equity as it used to be known as) to bring attention to a grave incompetence in the Casting options for actors in Australian TV and Feature Films. All I wish to do is discuss this situation with the Performer’s Committee. There should never be a problem with discussing issues of importance within the Union that’s primary obligation is to support and protect our working rights, safety and security.

I’m prepared to put my 40 year career on the line for the good of the Industry and my fellow performers, but can not be heard. I feel betrayed by those who are supposed to have my ( and my fellow talents ) best interests at heart. Meanwhile Australian Audiences are denied variety. Australian and Overseas Productions are denied the best possible talent options to tell their stories. A List Casting is a myth protected by the lazy and inefficient. The Star System from the States that has been adopted by Australia is a lie. There are so many examples, but I’ll make only one. Geoffrey Rush in “Shine” No Casting Consultant wanted him. Thank goodness integrity won out that day and we can enjoy Mr Rush’s work today.

All I want to do is to be able to voice my concerns for myself and more importantly my fellow performers. What’s the Problem Equity?

July 2009

Posted November 14, 2009 by alancinis
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Appeared on the panel alongside Bob Ellis, John Derum, Tony Llewellyn Jones and Pat Sheil at the Toxteth Hotel for “Grumpy Old Blokes”

Also in July, helped out restoring the Kookaburra at the Sydney Heritage Fleet

Organised a Youth Council photographic event shooting members of the ’74 Socceroos.

June 2009

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Screen tested for Underbelly 3

May 2009

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Finished rigging training and crewed on the square rigger James Craig out through the heads and Sydney Harbour, furling sails and working in the upper topsail and taking forward watch on bowspit.

Attended the Cultural Awards at Parliment House

Hosted The first Amazigh Festival on behalf of Leichhardt Council